Menstrual Self-Hygiene Tips for Happy and Healthy Periods 


Lets’ start by addressing a very widely debated but false notion about periods! Menstruation as a bodily function is neither unhygienic nor unhealthy. It is a natural anatomical process of the female body, essential for good health and vitality. For those 4-5 days of the month, the body remains extremely vulnerable and sensitive, susceptible to pain and other ailments. Hence, proper diet, sufficient rest, and “self-hygiene” are highly recommended. For instance, if you are using a reusable period cup/menstrual cup/Shecup, make sure to clean and re-insert it at an interval of 6-8/10 hours (as per your menses). 

Sadly enough, women still resort to old torn pieces of cloth during their periods due to a lack of access to menstrual hygiene products in many parts of the country. Others are blindsided by the age-old practices, which have instilled the belief that a sanitary product or a menstrual cup price is not worth their basic hygiene and safety. 

Debunking all the naysaying, we thought of reviewing a few basic and essential menstrual hygiene tips for our readers, promoting its benefits for happy and healthy period days. 

Menstrual Self-Hygiene Tips to Follow 

Proper hygiene maintenance not only helps you to have a healthy period but also keeps you in high spirits. Here are a few things to follow: 

  • Make sure to change your menstrual hygiene product at regular intervals. That is the key to prevent rashes and infections. 
  • Wash the sensitive area properly using lukewarm water. It’s better to refrain from using an intimate wash, a big no to soaps. 
  • If you are using menstrual cups, you can either use lukewarm water to clean them before re-inserting. If you can’t source water, keep some menstrual cup wipes to sanitize it before wearing it again. 
  • Wear loose and airy clothes, especially the bottom wear, to prevent discomfort.  

What’s More Hygienic? Sanitary Pad or Menstrual Cup 

Surely, this thought has crossed your mind at some point or other. So let’s do a quick hygiene and convenience comparison of both: 


Sanitary Pad 

1.     Should be changed after every 3-4 hours for hygiene maintenance. 

2.       Long hours of wearing cause a bad odor and a feeling of unease and wetness. 

3.       Not changing frequently can cause itching, rashes, infections, and toxic reaction. 

4.       Can cause leaks. 


Menstrual Cup 

1.     Can be worn for 6-8, and even 10 hours, without causing any hygiene disruption. 

2.       No odor, no feeling or wetness or discomfort. 

3.       Reusable period cup made from health-grade silicone prevents itchiness, rashes, and infections. 

4.       Does not leak. 

As you can see, a menstrual cup is an obvious choice, when it comes to maintaining health, hygiene, comfort, and sanitation during periods. Additionally, if you do a cost comparison, Shecup is a more affordable option. Think this way; you need to buy a pack of sanitary pads every month all through your menstruating years. However, while a menstrual cup price might seem more initially, but since one cup can last for 10 years, in the long run, it helps you save more.  

To summarize, when on periods, choose self-hygiene above all. Choose the right product, eat well, follow the cleanliness tips, sleep well, and stay happy. 

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